Monday, June 27, 2016

Photomizer v3.0.6017.25771 Portable

Photomizer 3 – The test winner is even better now!
The possibilities of picture editing are nearly unlimited- but unfortunately often even for professionals very complicated. There is a simple and super-efficient solution: Photomizer 3, the follower of the test winner! More features, a more accurate automatic and a faster engine make picture editing even more easily.

Better pictures very simple - made with your PC!
Everybody knows it: the snapshot of the family celebration or holiday has thoroughly failed. But opportunities like this never come again. Do not panic! Even from very blurry or underexposed photos, Photomizer 3 brings out amazing results with its intelligent automatic. In this way memorable moments are really presentable. This all-rounder presents ordinary or even good photos in a new light. Everyone can see: Here, a top photographer had his fingers in the pie.
How does it work? It’s very simple! Photomizer 3 recognizes the weak points of photos and converts them into strengths. What looks like magic are in fact complex work routines of everyday life by picture editing specialists. Thousands of photos have been the inspiration, to collect, analyze, and optimally edit all possible situations. The software detects exactly the areas in the photo, which can be improved so that the picture editing occurs optimally. It is professional automation for those, who simply want perfect photo. One click -complete!

Boring and broken photos are a thing of the past!
And that does not only work for individual photos, but also for large amounts of images: save a profile quickly and immediately optimize even thousands of photos in one go. This makes the Photomizer 3 the fastest Photomizer ever.

Photomizer 3 even optimizes scans of old dias and paper prints without any problems. It does not matter if a photo is denoised or if there are artefacts or cracks on a photo: The software can fix those bugs automatically.

Benefit now from the know-how of real photo professionals!
You can now test all functions of the Photomizer 3 in its entirety. The unregistered demo version allows up to 5 saved photos, the registered version of the demo even allows to store up to 25 photos.

And even in the completely free version you can benefit permanently by the following features:

    Use the unique red eyes correction of Photomizer 3.
    Rotate images.
    Cut photos - also with predetermined aspect ratios.
    Convert your photo to other formats: e.g. from RAW!

Please consider: The red eyes correction and the tilt-shift effect are only available in the single picture editing.

32Bit (Size: 27.6 MB)
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64Bit (Size: 37.1 MB)
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